Ascona II


Ascona II aims

The Functional GI Diagnostics Working Group will review the state-of-the-art in physiological investigations of digestive function. Faculty and delegates will work towards consensus guidelines and classification systems for three topics :

  • Swallowing Function: Chicago Classification v 3 for Esophageal Motility Disorders & assessment of pharyngeal swallow by HRM-Impedance
  • Reflux Disease: Assessment of EGJ function by HRM and a new diagnostic classification of reflux disease
  • Anorectal Function: 1st Classification of Anorectal Disorders of Anorectal Dysfunction
  • A review of future technologies for the assessment of digestive motility and function


Mark Fox, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Conference Secretary: 
Anil Areeckal

Local Organization:
Matthias Sauter, Michael Hollenstein, Henriette Heinrich, Helen Parker, Andreas Steingötter

Steering Committee Pharynx / Esophagus:
Peter Kahrilas, John Pandolfino, Mark Fox, Taher Omari, Nathalie Rommel

Gastro-Esophageal Reflux:
Sabine Roman, Prakash Gyawali, Edoardo Savarino, Arjan Bredenoord

Emma Carrington, Mark Scott, Charles Knowles, Henriette Heinrich, Donato Altomare, Satish Rao