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The long term cost-effectiveness of improving alcohol abstinence with adjuvent acamprosate


Fatal hepatotoxicity secondary to nimesulide

G. Merlani, M. Fox, Hans-Perter Oehen, G. Cathomas, E. L. Renner, K. Fattinger, M. Schneemann, G. A. Kullak-Ublick


An assessment of open access referral for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in a district general hospital

M. Fox, A. Harris

Non-invasive measurement of gastric accommodation in humans

W SchwizerA SteingötterM FoxT ZurM ThumshirnP BösigerM Fried


Non-invasive investigation of gastrointestinal functions with magnetic resonance imaging towards an ideal investigation of gastrointestinal function

W. Schwizer, M. Fox, A. Steingötter


Dietary protein precipitation properties have effects on gastric emptying in healthy volunteers

M Fox, G Georgi, G Boehm, D Menne, M Fried, M Thumshirn

High-resolution manometry predicts the success of oesophageal bolus transport and identifies clinically important abnormalities not detected by conventional manometry

M. Fox, G. Hebbard, P. Janiak, J. G. Brasseur, S. Ghosh, M. Thumshirn, M. FriedW. Schwizer

The pathophysiology of faecal spotting in obese subjects during treatment with orlistat

M. Fox, M. Thumshirn, D. Menne, B. Stutz, M. Fried, W. Schwizer

The Physical Properties of Rectal Contents Have Effects on Anorectal Continence: Insights From a Study Into the Cause of Fecal Spotting on Orlistat

M. Fox, W. Schwizer, D. Menne, B. Stutz, M. Fried, M. Thumshirn

Esophageal Dysfunction on Psychotropic Medication

A. Maddalena, M. Fox, M. Hofmann, C. Hock

Helicobacter pylori and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: A Complex Organism in a Complex Host

M. Fox, W. Schwizer

High Resolution Manometry – new ways of looking at old problems

M. Fox, G. Hebbard


The Effects of Loperamide on Continence Problems and Anorectal Function in Obese Subjects Taking Orlistat

M. Fox, B. Stutz, D. Menne, M. Fried, W. Schwizer, M. Thumshirn

Letter: The Analysis of Gastric Volume Measurement by SPECT: Gastric Structure vs. Function

M. Fox, W. Schwizer, M. Fried

The effects of posture on the physiology of gastric emptying: a magnetic resonance imaging study

M. Fox


Barostat Measurement of Rectal Compliance and Capacity

M. Fox, M. Thumshirn, M. Fried, W. Schwizer

Effects of posture on the physiology of gastric emptying: A magnetic resonance imaging study

A. Steingoetter, M. Fox, R. Treier, D. Weishaupt, B. Marincek, P. Boesiger, M. Fried, W. Schwizer

The effects of tegaserod on oesophageal function and bolus transport in healthy volunteers: studies using concurrent high-resolution manometry and videofluoroscopy

M. Fox, D. Menne, B. Stutz, M. Fried, W. Schwizer

A 22 year old man with persistent regurgitation and vomiting: case outcome

M. Fox, A. Young, R. Anggiansah, A. Anggiansah, J. Sanderson

Clinical Review: Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

M. Fox, I. Forgacs

Unexplained (non-cardiac) chest pain

M. Fox, I. Forgacs



The Effects of Dietary Fat and Calorie Density on Esophageal Acid Exposure and Reflux Symptoms

M. Fox, C. Barr, S. Nolan, M. Lomer, A. Anggiansah, T. Wong

Clinical trial: the effects of adding ranitidine at night to twice daily omeprazole therapy on nocturnal acid breakthrough and acid reflux in patients with systemic sclerosis – a randomized controlled, cross-over trial

P. Janiak, M. Thumshirn, D. Menne, M. Fox, S. Halim, M. Fried, P. Brüllmann, O. Distler, W. Schwizer

Capsule endoscopy: impact on clinical decision making in patients with suspected small bowel bleeding

C. Gubler, M. Fox, P. Hengstler, D. Abraham, F. Eigenmann, P. Bauerfeind

Effects of Age on the Gastroesophageal Junction, Esophageal Motility, and Reflux Disease

J. Lee, A. Anggiansah, R. Anggiansah, A. Young, T. Wong, M. Fox

The Impact of Prolonged pH Measurements on the Diagnosis of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: 4-Day Wireless pH Studies

G. Scarpulla, S. Camilleri, P. Galante, M. Manganaro, M. Fox

Letter to the editor: Multiple rapid swallowing in idiopathic achalasia: from conventional to high resolution manometry

M. Fox

Sildenafil relieves symptoms and normalizes motility in patients with oesophageal spasm: a report of two cases

M. Fox, R. Sweis, T. Wong, A. Anggiansah


Fast and optimized T1 mapping technique for the noninvasive quantification of gastric secretion

R. Treier, A. Steingoetter, O. Goetze, M. Fox, M. Fried, W. Schweizer, Peter Boesiger

Physiology of the oesophageal transition zone in the presence of chronic bolus retention: studies using concurrent high resolution manometry and digital fluoroscopy

S. K. Ghosh, P. Janiak, M. Fox, W. Schwizer, G. S. Hubbard, J. G. Brasseur

Diffuse Esophageal Spasm

C. Grubel, J. Borovicka, W. Schwizer, M. Fox, G. Hebbard


O. Götze, M. Fox

Gastroösophageale Refluxerkrankung

M. Fox, H. Frühauf

Making sense of oesophageal contents

M. Fox, W. Schwizer


M. Fox, H. Frühauf

Oesophageal high-resolution manometry: moving from research into clinical practice

M. Fox, A. Bredenoord


Characterization of gastric volume responses and liquid emptying in functional dyspepsia and health by MRI or barostat and simultaneous 13C-acetate breath test

H. Fruehauf, A. Steingoetter, M. Fox, M. Kwiatek, P. Boesiger, W. Schwizer, M. Fried, M. Thumshirn, O. Goetze

Effects of postgastric 13C-acetate processing on measurement of gastric emptying: a systematic investigation in health

O. Goetze, M. Fox, M. A. Kwiatek, R. Treier, W. Schwizer, M. Thumshirn, M. Fried, H. Fruehauf

The effect of gastric secretion on gastric physiology and emptying in the fasted and fed state assessed by magnetic resonance imaging

O. Goetze, R. Treier, M. Fox, A. Steingoetter, M. Fried, P. Boesiger, W. Schwizer

Patient acceptance and clinical impact of Bravo monitoring in patients with previous failed catheter-based studies

R. Sweis, M. Fox, R. Anggiansah, A. Anggiansah, K. Basavaraju, R. Canavan, T. Wong

Effects of clonidine and sumatriptan on postprandial gastric volume response, antral contraction waves and emptying: an MRI study

M. Kwiatek, M. Fox, A. Steingoetter, D. Menne, A. Pal, H. Fruehauf, E. Kaufman, Z. Forras-kaufman, J. Brasseur, O. Goetze, G. Hebbard, P. Boesiger, M. Thumshirn, M. Fried, W. Schwizer

Effect of meal volume and calorie load on postprandial gastric function and emptying: studies under physiological conditions by combined fiber-optic pressure measurement and MRI

M. KwiatekD. MenneA. SteingoetterO. GoetzeZ. Forras-KaufmanE. KaufmanH. FruehaufP. BoesigerM. FriedW. SchwizerM. Fox

Durchführung und Interpretation der Ösophagusmanometrie: Empfehlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaften für Neurogastroenterologie und Motilität (DGNM), für Verdauungs-und Stoff wechsel erkrankungen(DGVS) und für Allgemein-und Viszeralchirurgie(DGAV)

J. Keller, I. van der Voort, C. Pehl, M. Nicolaus, J. Schirra, M. Fox, K. Fuchs, M. Storr


Lactose intolerance in patients with chronic functional diarrhoea: the role of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

J. Zhao, M. Fox, Y. Cong, H. Chu, Y. Shang, M. Fried, N. Dai

Gastroesophageal Junction: Structure and Function as Assessed by Using MR Imaging

J. Curcic, M. Fox, E. Kaufman, Z. Forras-Kaufman, G. Hebbard, S. Roy, A. Pal, W. Schwizer, M. Fried, R. Treier, P. Boesiger

Effect on gastric function and symptoms of drinking wine, black tea, or schnapps with a Swiss cheese fondue: randomised controlled crossover trial

H. HeinrichO. Goetze, D. MenneP. ItenH. FruehaufS. VavrickaW. SchwizerM. FriedM. Fox


Determinants of Fecal Continence in Healthy, Continent Subjects: A Comprehensive Analysis by Anal Manometry, Rectal Barostat and a Stool Substitute Retention Test

M. Fox, M. Thumshirn, H. Frühauf, M. Fried, W. Schwizer

Prolonged, wireless pH-studies have a high diagnostic yield in patients with reflux symptoms and negative 24-h catheter-based pH-studies

R. Sweis, M. Fox, A. Anggiansah, T. Wong

Normative values and inter-observer agreement for liquid and solid bolus swallows in upright and supine positions as assessed by esophageal high-resolution manometry

R. Sweis, A. Anggiansah, T. Wong, E. Kaufman, S. Obrecht, M. Fox

Failure to respond to physiologic challenge characterizes esophageal motility in erosive gastro-esophageal reflux disease

C. Daum, R. Sweis, E. Kaufman, A. Fuellemann, A. Anggiansah, M. Fried, M. Fox

Inter-observer reproducibility and analysis of gastric volume measurements and gastric emptying assessed with magnetic resonance imaging

H. Fruehauf, D. Menne, M. A. Kwiatek, Z. Forras-Kaufman, E. Kaufman, O. Goetze, M. Fried, W. Schwizer, M. Fox


The gastro-esophageal reflux barrier: biophysical analysis on 3D models of anatomy from magnetic resonance imaging

S. Roy, M. Fox, J. Curcic, W. Schwizer A. Pal

Gastric secretion does not affect the reliability of the 13C-acetate breath test: A validation of the 13C-acetate breath test by magnetic resonance imaging

S. Kuyumcu, O. Goetze, D. Menne, R. Treier, P. Boesiger, M. Fox, M. Fried, W. Schwizer, A. Steingoetter


Upper esophageal sphincter and esophageal motility in patients with chronic cough and reflux: assessment by high-resolution manometry

R. Vardar, R. Sweis, A. Anggiansah, T. Wong, M. Fox

Disturbed eating at high altitude: influence of food preferences, acute mountain sickness and satiation hormones

I. AeberliA. ErbK. SpliethoffD. MeierO. GötzeH. FrühaufM. FoxG. S. FinlaysonM. GassmannK. BerneisM. MaggioriniW. Langhans, T. A. Lutz

The effect of standard compared to enhanced instruction and verbal feedback on anorectal manometry measurements

H. Heinrich, H. Fruehauf, M. Sauter, A. Steingötter, M. Fried, W. Schwizer, M. Fox

Rumination variations: aetiology and classification of abnormal behavioural responses to digestive symptoms based on high-resolution manometry studies

E. Tucker, K. Knowles, J. Wright, M. Fox

Prevalence and Presentation of Lactose Intolerance and Effects on Dairy Product Intake in Healthy Subjects and Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

J. Yang, Y. Deng, H. Chu, Y. Cong, J. Zhao, D. Pohl, B. Misselwitz, M. Fried, N. Dai, M. Fox

The effects of obesity on oesophageal function, acid exposure and the symptoms of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

R. Anggiansah, R. Sweis, A. Anggiansah, T. Wong, D. Cooper, M. Fox

Post-prandial reflux suppression by a raft-forming alginate (Gaviscon Advance) compared to a simple antacid documented by magnetic resonance imaging and pH-impedance monitoring: mechanistic assessment in healthy volunteers and randomised, controlled, double-blind study in reflux patients

R. Sweis, E. Kaufman, A. Anggiansah, T. Wong, P. Dettmar, M. Fried, W. Schwizer, R. Avvari, A. Pal, M. Fox

Bloating and Distention in Irritable Bowel Syndrome: The Role of Gas Production and Visceral Sensation After Lactose Ingestion in a Population With Lactase Deficiency

Y. ZhuX. ZhengY. CongH. ChuM. FriedN. Dai, M. Fox

The effect of Helicobacter pylori infection and eradication in patients with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: A parallel-group, double-blind, placebo-controlled multicentre study

W. SchwizerD. Menne, K. Schütze, M. Vieth, R. Goergens, P. Malfertheiner, A. Leodolter, M. Fried, M. Fox

Measurement of esophago-gastric junction cross-sectional area and distensibility by an endolumenal functional lumen imaging probe for the diagnosis of gastro-esophageal reflux disease

E. Tucker, R. Sweis, A. Anggiansah, T. Wong, E. Telakis, K. Knowles, J. Wright, M. Fox

Letter to the editor: Esophageal high resolution manometry in a community practice

C.P. Gyawali, A.J. Bredenoord, J.L. Conklin, M. Fox, J.E. Pandolfino, J.H. Peters, S. Roman, A. Staiano & M.F. Vaezi

The acid pocket: a target for treatment in reflux disease?

P. J Kahrilas, K. McColl, M. Fox, L. O’Rourke, D. Sifrim, A. Smout, G. Boeckxstaens


Lactose intolerance in irritable bowel syndrome patients with diarrhoea: the roles of anxiety, activation of the innate mucosal immune system and visceral sensitivity

J. Yang, M. Fox, Y. Cong, H. Chu, X. Zheng, Y. Long, M. Fried, N. Dai

Assessment of esophageal dysfunction and symptoms during and after a standardized test meal: development and clinical validation of a new methodology utilizing high-resolution manometry

R. Sweis, A. Anggiansah, T. Wong, G. Brady, M. Fox

Toward more accurate measurements of anorectal motor and sensory function in routine clinical practice: Validation of High-Resolution Anorectal Manometry and Rapid Barostat Bag measurements of rectal function

M. Sauter, H. Heinrich, M. Fox, B. Misselwitz, M. Halama, W. Schwizer, M. Fried, H. Fruehauf

A study of the methodological and clinical validity of the combined lactulose hydrogen breath test with scintigraphic oro-cecal transit test for diagnosing small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in IBS patients

J. Zhao, X. Zheng, H. Chu, J. Zhao, Y. Cong, M. Fried, M. Fox, N. Dai

Abnormal Structure and Function of the Esophagogastric Junction and Proximal Stomach in Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

J. CurcicS. RoyA. SchwizerE. KaufmanZ. Forras-KaufmanD. MenneG. S. HebbardR. TreierP. BoesigerA. SteingoetterM. FriedW. SchwizerA. Pal, M. Fox

Effects of baclofen on the functional anatomy of the oesophago-gastric junction and proximal stomach in healthy volunteers and patients with GERD assessed by magnetic resonance imaging and high-resolution manometry: a randomised controlled double-blind study

J. Curcic, A. Schwizer, E. Kaufman, Z. Forras-Kaufman, S. Banerjee, A. Pal, G. S. Hebbard, P. Boesiger, M. Fried, A. Steingoetter, W. Schwizer, M. Fox

A mixed methods feasibility study to evaluate the use of a low-intensity, nurse-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

A. D. DaintyM. FoxN. LewisM. HuntE. HolthamS. TimmonsP. KinsellaA. WraggP. Callaghan

The Chicago Classification of esophageal motility disorders, v3.0

P. J. Kahrilas, A. J. Bredenoord, M. Fox, C. P. Gyawali, S. Roman, A. J. P. M. Smout, J. E. Pandolfino

Was sind die Chancen und Risiken?

B. Misselwitz, D. Pohl, M. Fox



Validation of a rapid, semiautomatic image analysis tool for measurement of gastric accommodation and emptying by magnetic resonance imaging

S. BanerjeeS. DixitM. FoxA. Pal

Randomized clinical trial: effect of the 5-HT4 receptor agonist revexepride on reflux parameters in patients with persistent reflux symptoms despite PPI treatment

J. Tack, F. Zerbib, K. Blondeau, S. B. des Varannes, H. Piessevaux, J. Borovicka, F. Mion, M. Fox, A. J. Bredenoord, H. Louis, S. Dedrie, M. Hoppenbrouwers, A. Meulemans, A. Rykx, L. Thielemans, M. Ruth

Additive effects of gastric volumes and macronutrient composition on the sensation of postprandial fullness in humans

L. Marciani, E. Cox, S. Pritchard, G. Major, C. Hoad, M. Mellows, M. Hussein, C. Costigan, M. Fox, P. Gowland, R. Spiller

Measurement of gastric meal and secretion volumes using magnetic resonance imaging

C. HoadH. ParkerN. HuddersC. CostiganE. CoxA. Perkins, P. BlackshawL. MarcianiR. SpillerM. Fox, P. Gowland

Measurement of oro-caecal transit time by magnetic resonance imaging

E. Savarino, V. SavarinoM. FoxG. Di LeoM. FurnariE. MarabottoL. Gemignani, L. BruzzoneA. MoscatelliC. De CassanF. SardanelliL. M. Sconfienza

Four-sample lactose hydrogen breath test for diagnosis of lactose malabsorption in irritable bowel syndrome patients with diarrhea

Jian-Feng Yang, M. Fox, H. Chu, X. Zheng, Yan-Qin Long, D. Pohl, M. Fried, N. Dai

Assessment of Obstructive Defecation by High-Resolution Anorectal Manometry Compared With Magnetic Resonance Defecography

H. Heinrich, M. Sauter, M. Fox, D. Weishaupt, M. Halama, B. Misselwitz, S. Buetikofer, C. Reiner, M. Fried, W. Schwizer, H. Fruehauf

Investigation of Dysphagia After Antireflux Surgery by High-resolution Manometry: Impact of Multiple Water Swallows and a Solid Test Meal on Diagnosis, Management, and Clinical Outcome

Y. T. Wang, L. F. Tai, E. Yazaki, J. Jafari, R. Sweis, E. Tucker, K. Knowles, J. Wright, S. Ahmad, M. Kasi, K. Hamlett, M. Fox, D. Sifrim

Self-reported lactose intolerance in clinic patients with functional gastrointestinal symptoms: prevalence, risk factors, and impact on food choices

X. Zheng, H. Chu, Y. Cong, Y. Deng, Y. Long, Y. Zhu, D. Pohl, M. Fried, N. Dai, M. Fox

Systemic review: the pathogenesis and pharmacological treatment of hiccups

M. Steger, M. Schneemann, M. Fox

Volume, distribution and acidity of gastric secretion on and off proton pump inhibitor treatment: a randomized double-blind controlled study in patients with gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) and healthy subjects

A. SteingoetterM. SauterJ. CurcicD. LiuD. MenneM. FriedM. Fox W. Schwizer

Diagnosis of Esophageal Motility Disorders: Esophageal Pressure Topography vs. Conventional Line Tracing

D. CarlsonK. Ravi, P. KahrilasP. GyawaliA. BredenoordD. CastellS. SpechlerM. HallandN. KanuriD. KatzkaC. LeggettS. RomanJ. SaenzG. SayukA. WongR. YadlapatiJ. D CiolinoM. Fox, J. Pandolfino

Lactose Intolerance in Adults: Biological Mechanism and Dietary Management

Y. Deng, B. Misselwitz, N. Dai, M. Fox

«Lassen Sie Ihre Gase rausundIhre Ängst los»
Warum Suppen die Wahrnehmung verändern, Pupse nicht brennen und Alkohol beim Festessen nicht fehlen darf

M. Fox

Supraesophageal Reflux Disease: Solving a Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma

M. Fox, T. Omari, N. Rommel

Inter-observer agreement for diagnostic classification of esophageal motility disorders defined in high-resolution manometry

M. Fox, J. Pandolfino, R. Sweis, M. Sauter, A. T. Abreu, Y Abreu, A. Anggiansah, A. Bogte, A. J. Bredenoord, W. Dengler, A. Elvevi, H. Fruehauf, S. Gellersen, S. Ghosh, C. P. Gyawali, H. Heinrich, M. Hemmink, J. Jafari, E. Kaufman, K. Kessing, M. Kwiatek, B. Lubomyr, M. Banasiuk, F. Mion, J. Pérez-de-la-Serna, J. M. Remes-Troche, W. Rohof, S. Roman, A. Ruiz-de-León, R. Tutuian, M. Uscinowicz, M. A. Valdovinos, R. Vardar, M. Velosa, D. Waśko-Czopnik, P. Weijenborg, C. Wilshire, J. Wright, F. Zerbib, D. Menne

Überweisung an das gastroenterologische Funktionslabor: wen, wann, warum?

M. Fox, W. Schwizer


H. Chu, M. Fox, X. Zheng, Y. Deng, Y. Long, Z. Huang, L. Du, F. Xu, N. Dai

Hydrogen Breath Testing With Measurement of Orocecal Transit for Diagnosis of Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth

Y. Deng, N. Dai, M. Fox

Dietary Challenge Tests: Identifying Food Intolerance as a Cause of Symptoms in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients

Y. Deng, Y. Zhu, N. Dai, M. Fox

CME: Ruminations-Syndrom: unterschätzte Differenzialdiagnose des gastroösophagealen Refluxes zu «Ruminations-Syndrom: unterschätzte Differenzialdiagnose des gastroösophagealen Refluxes»

H. Heinrich, M. Fox

Prolonged measurement improves the assessment of the barrier function of the esophago-gastric junction by high-resolution manometry

D. Jasper, N. Freitas-Queiroz, M. Hollenstein, B. Misselwitz, P. Layer, T. Navarro-Rodriguez, M. Fox, J. Keller

Prevalence and risk factors for functional bowel disorders in South China: a population based study using the Rome III criteria

Y. Long, Z. Huang, Y. Deng, H. Chu, X. Zheng, J. Yang, Y. Zhu, M. Fried, M. Fox, N. Dai

Validation of criteria for the definition of transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations using high-resolution manometry

S. Roman, R. Holloway, J. Keller, F. Herbella, F. Zerbib, Y. Xiao, L. Bernard, A. J. Bredenoord, S. Bruley des Varannes, M. Chen, M. Fox, P. J. Kahrilas, R. K. Mittal, R. Penagini, E. Savarino, D. Sifrim, J. Wu, E. Decullier, J. E. Pandolfino, F. Mion

An expert consensus definition of failure of a treatment to provide adequate relief (F-PAR) for chronic constipation – an international Delphi survey

J. Tack, H. Boardman, P. Layer, I. Schiefke, D. Jayne, C. Scarpignato, M. Fox, T. Frieling, P. Ducrotte, S. Hamdy, K. Gill, C. Ciriza de los Rios, R. Felt-Bersma, D. De Looze, V. Stanghellini, A. Mohr Drewes, M. Simrén, C. Pehl, T. Hoheisel, A. Leodolter, E. Rey, J. Dalrymple, A. Emmanuel

Development and validation of a large, modular test meal with liquid and solid components for assessment of gastric motor and sensory function by non-invasive imaging

H. Parker, E. Tucker, C. L. Hoad, A. Pal, C. Costigan, N. Hudders, A. Perkins, E. Blackshaw, P. Gowland, L. Marciani, M. Fox

Man kann sich durchaus zu Tode essen

M. Fox


Rapid Drink Challenge in high-resolution manometry: an adjunctive test for detection of esophageal motility disorders

D. Ang, M. Hollenstein, B. Misselwitz, K. Knowles, J. Wright, E. Tucker, R. Sweis, M. Fox

Relationship of body weight with gastrointestinal motor and sensory function: studies in anorexia nervosa and obesity

S. Bluemel, D. Menne, G. Milos, O. Goetze, M. Fried, W. Schwizer, M. Fox, A. Steingoetter

What to eat and drink in the festive season: a pan-European, observational, cross-sectional study.

H. Parker, J. Curcic, H. Heinrich, M. Sauter, M. Hollenstein, W. Schwizer, E. Savarino, M. Fox

Diagnostic yield of high-resolution manometry with a solid test meal for clinically relevant, symptomatic oesophageal motility disorders: serial diagnostic study

D. Ang, B. Misselwitz, M. Hollenstein, K. Knowles, J. Wright, E. Tucker, R. Sweis, M. Fox

Methods of anorectal manometry vary widely in clinical practice: Results from an international survey

E. V. Carrington, H. Heinrich, C. H. Knowles, S. S. Rao, M. Fox, S. M. Scott

What is normal and abnormal in lactose digestion?

B. Misselwitz, M. Fox

Pharyngeal swallowing and oesophageal motility during a solid meal test: a prospective study in healthy volunteers and patients with major motility disorders

M. Hollenstein, P. Thwaites, S. Bütikofer, H. Heinrich, M. Sauter, I. Ulmer, D. Pohl, D. Ang, D. Eberli, W. Schwizer, M. Fried, O. Distler, M. Fox, B. Misselwitz

Nicht alle Patienten mit Reflux brauchen einen PPI

Dr. med. Eva Ebnöther im Gespräch mit… Prof. Dr. med. Mark Fox